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John suffers saddle burns while courting Jane - ND - 1941(?)

John, Jane, and her brother Frank Willson - Crown Point, Indiana- 1942

Wedding photo - 1942

John and Jane fishing with John's father Ernest - Crown Point, Indiana - 1942

Gone to war.  At the Analysis Table - Hardwick England - 1943
93rd Bomber Group.  John, Capt. Robert (Bud) Long, and Sgt. Krizfaluzy

Major John R. Borchert - 1945

Return from overseas.  Reunion in fall at Blackhawk - 1945

Observatory Hill, Madison Wisconsin - 1947
Jane's sister Flossie, Flossie's husband Donald O'Grady, Jane's parents Edwin and Gertrude Willson, John holding his son Bill, with his daughter Dianne in front.

4 generations - Crown Point, Indiana - 1949
Bill, John, John's grandmother Catherine Gorndt "Nana" holding Bob, John's mother Maude, Dianne

Surveying their new home town from the top of the Foshay Tower - Minneapolis, MN - 1950
Bill, Dianne, Jane, John, Bob.

John and Jane are ready for Faculty Dancing Club Party - 1950
(provided by Paul Boyer)

Riding the Boxelder "horse" in the back yard in Golden Valley - 1950
Bill, Doug Boyer, Paul Boyer, Dianne, Lynn Bellock, Gale Boyer, Bob, John

Picnic on the North Shore of Lake Superior - 1950
John, Bob, Bill, Dianne

Intro Geology Field Trip - Black Hills - 1953
"right before the geology hammer was lost"
Bob, John, Bill, Dianne

Family Tree - 1954
Bill, Dianne, John, Bob - and finally - Dave

In the Back Yard - 1956
Dianne, Bill, Bob, Dave, and Spotty "McBeast"

Active forest intrusion into the Central North American Grassland - 1956
Jane, Dave, Dianne, John, Bill, Bob

Boat ride back from golfing - Annandale MN - 1960
(possibly some family field work for the Lakeshore Study)
Dave - sit down!, Jane, John, Bob at the helm.

John supervises Central Place Hierarchy - 1960
Bill, Bob, Dave

Unpublished Transportation Study - 1967
Dianne, Dave, John

Kim with Grandma and Granpa - Cedarcliff - 1975

Evelyn, Kim, Erik, Dianne, GrandDog Czar, John - 1977(?)

Evelyn, Kim, and Grandpa - 1977(?)

Grandpa holds generic grandchild

Julie and Grandpa - on a hike at Cedarcliff - 19

John, Cheng, Bill, and Jane - golfing at Bay Ridge - Door County - 1981

Borchert clan at the wedding of Dianne and Peter Trenchard - Bay Ridge Golf Course - Door County - 1982

John navigates the St. Croix River during the Pontoon Boat Era - 1984
Dave, John, Laura, Tom

Seven grandchildren under the Cottonwood - Cedarcliff - 1984(?) 

Mike reads a letter with Grandpa - 1985(?)

Evelyn and Wendy with Grandma and Grandpa at Cedarcliff - 1985(?) 

Grandpa trains in a new river pilot, John D. - 1986(?)

Seven grandchildren - Cedarcliff picnic - 1987(?)
Laura, John, Charlie, Erik, Evelyn, Wendy, Tom

John views the scene from the deck at Cedarcliff - 1987

Willson and Grandpa - 1987(?)

On the way to the sand bar - 1987(?)
Charlie, Willson, Laura, John D, Grandpa

Palm Springs - 1988 (?)
Dianne, John, Jane, Peter

Kim Anderson's High School graduation - Door County - 1989
Jane, John, Kim, Erik

Christmas gathering at Borchert sign - Cedarcliff - 1990
back: Dave, John D., Dianne, Wendy, Jane, John, Erik Anderson, Jane Trenchard, Pat, Laura
front: Tom, Mike, Charlie, Karen, Willson, Barbara

Introduction to Probability - 1991
Karen, Grandpa, and Lady Luck

Wendy and Evelyn - Cedarcliff - 1994(?)

On the deck at Cedarcliff - 1997(?)

Great grandchildren Sana and Ranya

Kim and Grandpa - 2000(?)

Wallet photo carried by John - 1943 to 2001


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